Episode 13 – The Business Case for Pandemic Mitigation

Dr Robert C Robbins MD, President of the University of Arizona talks about the Business Case for Pandemic Mitigation.

If you scroll down to the bottom of the podcast section of my website kojalamedical.com/covid19theanswers, you will see the diagram for the “360 degree Solution to Pandemic Control”. This solution illustrates the risk reduction measures that we need to put in place, working collectively, to manage this pandemic, future pandemics and to live with the coronavirus safely.

Today we are looking at a real life scenario of how the 360 degree solution to pandemic control can really work! Following on from Professor David Harris in Episode 8 Part 2, President Robert C Robbins of the University of Arizona will talk about the mitigation methods they enacted to combat transmission of COVID-19 on the university campus and illustrate the medical, societal and business case for doing so.