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Dr. Funmi Okunola MD, a Physician and Covid Advisor; hosts a new show with a diverse range of expert guests, who will introduce you to a pathway back to pre-COVID life.

Esteemed medical, technical and scientific professionals at the top of their field, are interviewed about a range of evidenced-based technologies and methods that, if incorporated, will allow all of us to live safely with the coronavirus.

Season 1 identifies 15 areas of expertise to safely navigate you back to a pre-COVID way of life. Come onboard the weekly discussions to learn the real answers from Dr. Funmi and her knowledgeable guests about the SARS-CoV-2 virus and COVID itself. Branching into topics such as long Covid, vaccination, testing, air filtration methods and more. 

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What Listeners are saying!

"Thankyou so much for this it was an informative and reassuring watch"

"This is a very good interview. I think EVERY physician should be required to watch it and absorb the information."

"Thank you Doctors for taking the time to have this conversation. The answer to the last question really resonated with me because I for months felt unheard & unseen. It feels human hearing Doctors acknowledge that they don’t have all the answers & that more learning & research is having to be done to get to the root source of why Long Covid is occurring in the body & how healing can be achieved."

"I found this very helpful. There is no support where I live on a Caribbean island currently."

" This was really good. I appreciated hearing from an expert fact-based information"

" I found the discussion really insightful and gave me hope for my future"

"Your interview is very helpful. Thank you!"

" I watched this yesterday and it answered all my questions- super good video, ty"

"Thank you for this series. I am from South Africa and we have no help what so ever. I hope someone can find us a solution"

"That was a brilliant interview! Thankyou so much for sharing this, the discussion on long Covid certainly rang close to home, could relate to so many of those points being immune compromised with ongoing issues thankfully there is so much research going into this."

" This is 100% accurate"

"thanks for producing this content"

"Particular impressed with your comments on the changes in gut microbiome"

"I truly enjoyed your interview."

"Excellent. Your questions were pertinent, his answers clearly explained. Thank you"

"Most interesting. Thank you!"

"I just watched the interview you did with Dr. Michael Mina and it was so very informative and really explained things so well. Everyone should watch that video if they're interested in understanding the tests. Thank you!"

"Such a great interview! Very worthwhile. The BEST on this topic on YouTube!"

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Reliable Evidence-Based Information

Reliable Evidence-Based Information

Kojala Medical is a Medical Education Company that assists in the dissemination of medical information from genuine, dependable sources in a way that ordinary people, scientists, and healthcare professionals can understand.

So far, our primary goal has been to provide everyone with evidence-based information regarding SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19, so that they can understand how to keep themselves safe during the pandemic.

We accomplished this by creating a podcast series about the virus SARS-CoV-2 and the disease COVID-19, as well as teaching everyone about all the risk reduction techniques that can be adopted to prevent us from becoming infected with this coronavirus in the first place!

Dr. Funmi Okunola, MD. President & CEO